Bill Ward Masterpiece for Humorama January 1958

Bill Ward Masterpiece for Humorama January 1958 Front and Back Cover.
Humorama Art.

Humorama Art Bettie Page and Mirror David Avant

Bettie Page in a reflective moment from a Humorama Digest.  Photograph by David Avant.  No credit in source.

Henry Boltinhoff Reads in Bed Humorama Art of Henry Boltinhoff

Henry Boltinhoff Reads in Bed   Humorama Art of Henry Boltinhoff.

One of the lesser Humorama cartoonists, but famous in other channels is Henry Boltinhoff,   It is said  at one time virtually every DC comic had something done by Boltinhoff.   Few comic artists were as prolific, and he left a year's worth of his syndicated feature "Hocus-Focus" (a "spot the difference" two panel series) when he passed.

Hocus- Focus is STILL RUNNING!  More then ten years after his death.   

it is good to know we can add yet another cartoonist to the list of above ground artists who worked risqué. 

Henry was born in 1914 and passed in 2001. 


Dan DeCarlo Draws a CENTERFOLD for Humorama

Dan DeCarlo Draws a CENTERFOLD for Humorama  Snappy January 1955.  On the first page, the publisher's statement reads "Snappy-Man's Gags is published as an art of kindness, and benefaction, for the Welfare of mankind all over the world, including Texas, Brooklyn and Cucumonga."