Casa Nova Sex to Sexty cartoons and gags

Need a book for summer reading? Head to the library, not your Kindle! You never know what you will find in the stacks.

Casa Nova was a cartoonist actually named Lo Linkert. Now I can't think of a better pseudonym for a gag cartoonist than Lo Linkert actually, but let's let Lo do what he wants, he earned it. Lo Linkert had his left lung blown out by a grenade in 1944 while serving in the big one! He started drawing cartoons while recovering. (!) You can read the story HERE on the site Andertoons.

The article does not mention the Casa Nova connection (which was the signature Lo used when selling work to Sex to Sexty, but he also apparently "produced 24 books, 1500 greeting cards" and who knows how many gags for Sex to Sexty. Maybe he considered his work for Sex to Sexty a "step down" rather than a "step up" on a library ladder...hence the made up name incorporating the world's greatest lover. I found the attribution from notes published by John Newbern, who was the publisher of Sex to Sexty and who should know.

Now having a degree in Library Science, I already loved this cartoon, but now that I know who did it and the remarkable story "BEHIND" it...all the better!

SEX to SEXTY original cartoon gag by Casa Nova (Lo Linkert) No Date Collection Victor Minx

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